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A 24/7 Wellness Coach for Every Employee or Member

No appointments and no long phone conversations, Lark offers a text-based coaching alternative to your members that's available 24/7 to everyone. 

Powerful features for lifelong change

We give your members the right tools, unlimited support, and 24/7 access to their coaches
whenever and wherever they need them for a life-changing
journey towards their best selves. Over a million people love and trust Lark.

1Coaching, done differently

1-on-1 coaching, available 24/7.

All members receive a Personal Health Coach that learns more about them over time. 1-on-1 and available 24/7, their Lark Coach always respond within 2 seconds, even at 1AM on Saturday.

How is this possible?

Private texts, not long conversations:

No appointments and no long phone conversations, offer a texting alternative to your members. The same benefits as telephonic or in-person wellness, but more effective and scalable.

2 24/7 Health Monitoring

Bundle It

We’ll send everything members need to their home to manage their health and wellness such as a wireless weight scale. The app automatically tracks exercise, sleep, and meals, all already linked to their Personal Lark Coach

1-Stop Shop

Lark is your smart data aggregation partner, seamlessly merging health data from 95% of all smart phones, and 70+ health monitors and apps, and providing you with unprecedented member engagement and outcomes data. 

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