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"Lark acts both as a cheerleader and a coach...and ultimately feels like a friend"

"Lark is like a gym buddy who texts you motivating messages."

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"...Your personal health coach that always has your back."

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Your Lark Coach watches out for you so you can stay on track.

Weight loss is especially hard to do alone. Your Lark Coach will customize our award-winning 16 week program and help you build lifelong habits.


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 Liz, 39

Liz, 39

My Lark coach actually cares about how I’m feeling. I can check in anytime through the day on my phone. The fact that it’s like talking to someone is wonderful.


I check Lark multiple times a day and I love that the Lark coach keeps me accountable and motivates me to beat my daily average.

 Tom, 58

Tom, 58

 Kathy, 55

Kathy, 55

I feel like I have a personal, friendly coach who accepts whatever I do while educating and encouraging me to do more. The coach helps me feel like my exercise and eating portions of my life are no longer out of control. I appreciate knowing the friendly, helpful coach is always available. I've lost weight and gotten more active.

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What's in my pro membership? 

12 Weeks to Success: Your Custom Weight Loss Coaching Program

Designed with experts at Harvard and Stanford, and trusted by more than a million users, you’ll receive access to a guided program, customized to you, and unlimited personal coaching that meets you where you are.

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Eat Healthier: Forget calorie counting and text with your Lark coach about your meals and receive immediate actionable feedback. 

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Get more active: Your Lark coach automatically tracks your activity and helps you build better habits. 

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Reduce stress: Lark coach tracks and coaches you on your sleep and teaches you effective mindfulness techniques.

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Lose Weight: Your Lark coach tracks your weight and coaches you on the best strategies for you. 

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Track your Progress: All of your health data in one place. If you have an Apple Watch or wifi scale, get coaching on that too! 

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Unlimited check ins: Lark coaching is for busy people who don’t have time for appointments. See results with just 3 minutes a day of texting with your coach, but check in as much as you need for support.

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Build great habits: Using scientifically proven CBT coaching, your Lark coach teaches you how to stick to your new life. 

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Learn with fun challenges: Your Lark coach will provide fun bite-sized challenges to reinforce new skills.  

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Weekly Modules: Based on your needs, each week your Lark coach will work on a new area with you so it's always fresh and never overwhelming.

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Bite-sized lessons: Receive new lessons each week relevant to your personal plan.


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