Let's Battle Chronic Disease Together

We create personalized care management using A.I and clinical science that delivers scalable positive health outcomes across the major chronic disease states. Because everyone deserves to dance.


“Most Innovative Digital Health Product of the Year”
— Forrester


The first A.I to be CDC-Recognized and Payer Reimbursed.

“Best of 2016” - Google

“Lark, Uber, Airbnb, Snap named to 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World” — Business Insider

Bringing Compassionate Care to Millions, on One Platform 

Lifestyle Coaching
Lark provides a 24/7 Personal Health Coach to each member to help them reach their goals
Prevention Program
Lark is a CDC Recognized National Diabetes Prevention Program Provider (DPP)
Disease Management
Lark provides Type II Diabetes management and coaching anytime, anywhere
Disease Management
Lark provides Hypertension management and coaching anytime, anywhere

"Artificial Intelligence represents the only realistic and clinically-validated way to help millions of new patients.”

Read more from Lark's CEO, Julia Hu in Healthcaredive"


Providing Lifelong Behavioral Change to Members

We give our users the right tools, unlimited support, and 24/7 access to their coaches
whenever and wherever they need for a life-changing 16-week
journey towards their best selves. Over a million people love and trust Lark.

1Coaching, done differently

1-on-1 coaching, available 24/7.

All members receive a Personal Health Coach specialized for their chronic condition. 1-on-1 and available 24/7, their Lark Coach always respond within 2 seconds, even at 1AM on Saturday.

How is this possible?

Private texts, not long conversations:

No appointments and no long phone conversations, offer a texting alternative to your members, The same benefits as telephonic counseling, but for a whole new mass market population. 

2 24/7 Health Monitoring

Bundle It

We’ll send everything members need to their home to manage their chronic condition: whether that’s a wireless weight scale, a blood pressure monitor, or an app to automatically track exercise, sleep, and meals, all already linked to their Personal Lark Coach.

No Wearable Needed

Lark is your smart data aggregation partner, seamlessly merging patients' existing health data from 95% of all smart phones, and 70+ health monitors and apps, providing you with the critical data and not just a firehose of unstructured data. 

3 A tailored A.I for each chronic condition

Every Personal Lark Coach uses scientifically-proven
methods to help members build healthy habits for life. 



Disease Specific

24/7 Health

Health Counseling



Improved Medication

4 Predictive Nurse Triage

Optimizing your nurse network

While Lark Coaches handle the time-consuming non-clinical caseload,  we work closely with your team to define the clinically critical thresholds to seamlessly handoff members to your clinical staff, at the right time.


"Lark is a chronic care platform, not single-disease, and device-centric."

See Lark's 120 Connected Health Devices and Preferred Devices that Can be Shipped at Scale


Healthcare with A.I.

After 6 years of cutting edge R&D with A.I. technologists, top health and behavior change experts from Harvard and Stanford, Lark has developed an award-winning A.I. Engine that can provide 24/7 real-time personal support to millions in a consistent, scalable way. 


Google names Lark
“Best of 2016”