Lark, Uber, Airbnb Named 3 of “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World” -Business Insider





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When Introducing Introducing Lark. 

Lark is the world's largest A.I. healthcare provider, servicing more than a million patients suffering from or at risk of chronic disease with A.I. Nurses. 

Lark has just achieved a historic milestone: we have the only A.I. technology to become fully medically reimbursed with a CPT code to 100% replace a live healthcare professional- which allows for infinitely scalable, 24/7 personalized healthcare. Because of this- we're deploying A.I. nurses to manage prediabetics in a 40 million member population for the largest health plans, alongside our other A.I. nursing services for behavioral health, hypertension, diabetes conditions. 

Powered by cutting edge A.I. that's been named "Best of 2016" by Google and  "Top 10 Apps  of the Year out of all 2 million apps" by Apple, , Lark's A.I. Coaches text with your members anytime, anywhere, and respond immediately to provide proven outcomes and 80% savings compared to live or telephonic healthcare. 

Designed with the top behavior change experts and health experts from Harvard and Stanford,  Lark, Uber, Airbnb, WeChat were named the 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World by Business Insider and Wall Street analyst Forrester Research named Lark "Most Innovative Digital Health Product of the Year". 

When Introducing our CEO.

Julia Hu founded Lark Technologies to make healthcare more personal and caring. Having managed her own chronic disease her whole life and seeing the need for a 24/7 personal health team, Julia brought together health experts and coaches from Stanford, Harvard and the NBA andtogether with experts in artificial intelligence, they developed Lark- a 24/7 personal health coaching service that texts with people to help them get fitter, lose weight, and manage chronic disease – anytime, anywhere. Named  "10 Most Innovative Apps in the World" alongside Uber, Airbnb, and Wechat, and  by Wall Street Analyst Forrester Research, and  preinstalled on all new Samsung phones, Lark works with health plans, pharma, and employers to manage and prevent chronic diseases. 

A serial entrepreneur, Julia was named number one in “2015’s Top 10 Women in Tech,” and “30 Under 30” by Inc. Magazine, and “Top Woman Inventor” by Marie Claire Magazine. Prior to founding Lark Technologies, Julia ran global startup incubator Clean Tech Open, her own green buildings startup, and was an EIR at Stanford’s StartX. She received her Master’s and Bachelor's degrees from Stanford, and half an MBA from MIT before leaving to start Lark. Julia has advised President Obama, is a faculty member at Singularity University, and speaks regularly on digital health, IoT, and innovation on CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, MIT, and more. 

Julia stays fit by attending hip-hop dance classes and chatting with Lark about her snacks—

Julia's been named: 
"Top 30 Under 30", Inc
"Top Woman Inventor", Marie Claire
"Top 25 Cultural Icons", Elle
2015's #1 in Top 10 Women in Tech to Watch, Inc. Magazine

Recent Speaking Engagements: 
Keynote Speaker: Annual MIT Startup Bootcamp (Snapchat CEO, Dropbox CEO, Quora CEO)
By Personal Invitation from President Obama: POTUS and VP Biden and 10 CEOs on Entrepreneurship
Keynote Speaker: CASPA, Internet of Things Conference (with SVP Atmel, etc)
Keynote: Tech Crunch (One on one with Mike Arrington) and Tech Crunch China


Mission Statement. Vision. Our Mark. 

Mission Statement

Lark, because everyone deserves care and compassion. 


Through cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, Lark will provide anyone who is at risk of a chronic disease or already struggling with a chronic disease with an affordable, compassionate, personal coach who will empower them to improve their overall health and wellbeing. 


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