An award winning A.I. Platform that's been published in 11 journals and analyst reports


“Most Innovative Digital Health Product of the Year”


The first A.I. coach to be fully medically reimbursed 

Google names Lark's A.I.
“Best of 2016”

“Lark, Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat named to Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World” — Business Insider


"Lark's A.I. Coaches are as clinically effective as live health care professionals in preventing diabetes, but infinitely scalable."

A recent peer-reviewed study published in JMIR has demonstrated that Lark's A.I. Coaches are as effective as in-person CDC-Recognized Diabetes Prevention Programs. — Division of Public Health, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University


We work with innovative payors
to tackle the most expensive chronic diseases.

Chronic disease management and prevention accounts for 84% of all US
healthcare spend
because care management services are so expensive and limited. Until now. Lark solution areas include: 

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Our Clinical Literature

Recognized by the top healthcare organizations,  Lark's A.I is the first to have achieved superior clinical outcomes to live healthcare professionals in diabetes prevention, hypertension management, weight loss, medication adherence, improved exercise, meal healthiness, sense of self efficacy, and more. Learn about Lark's DPP, Diabetes Type II Management, Hypertension Management, medication adherence, and more outcomes by clicking on the icons below, or reach out to us for more information on studies not posted on our site.


"Lark's A.I. Coaches drive medication adherence."

Of the patients who received Lark medication reminders, 95% reported 100% adherence, which is a 20% improvement from when starting the program. Those who did not set-up reminders were 12% less adherent than those who did. On average, all users who give a baseline adherence score (between 1 and 5) saw an average improvement in adherence of 25% after using Lark for 16 weeks.


Health Plans

Telephonic counseling is expensive, unscalable and only appeals to a few. Optimize your nurse network to focus only on clinical triage and save over 80% while expanding population access to coaching.


Instead of finding point solutions for different chronic conditions, offer a highly engaging and cost-effective single platform to help all your employees be happier and healthier. 


Succeed in the transition towards fee-for-value by providing at-home care for and 24/7 health monitoring for all at-risk patients.

The world’s top health and behavior change experts at members’ fingertips.

Lark’s Health Committee includes 15 top healthcare and behavior change faculty that have digitized the gold standards of clinically-validated education and interventions so everyone can receive the best care.

Learn more


Dr. Baba Shiv
neuroeconomist,  professor
Stanford University


Dr. Jo Solet
cognitive behavior therapy, professor
Harvard Medical School


Dr. Cheri Mah
NFL, NBA, and Olympic coach, sleep expert
Stanford University


Natalie Stein
nutrition expert, professor, and writer
Michigan State University

A highly engaging experience for all your members that saves you money. 

330 million

annual texts between Lark Coach and users


live health coaching staff workload* 


user satisfaction


savings for our partners**


Simple implementation with a full-suite enterprise solution

Beyond the core member experience, we provide every partner with a dedicated team and tools to execute at unprecedented scale.


Fast Deployment

Deploy a Personal A.I. Nurse to millions of your members instantly with our multi-modal technology. We provide personalized text messages, emails, website, direct mail, provider outreach, and more.

True Scalability

Because our Lark coach is power by cutting-edge A.I., we help our partners scale to reaching your millions of members at a tiny fraction of the cost. Health plans are seeing 80% savings compared to telephonic counseling.


Simple integration

We’ll help you design a stratification strategy to help you achieve the best cost savings with the least integration possible. 

Health Analytics

As a big data company, we have unprecedented amounts of data. We’ll provide your organization with deep insights and the data you need to succeed. 

No-Risk Performance-Based Billing

Performance-only billing

There’s no risk in offering it to everyone: we only charge when your members use Lark coaches and achieve outcomes.

Bill Through
Medical Claims

Certain programs are fully reimbursed and can be billed directly through medical claims. Ask us about our provider offerings.


Our PMPM costs save clients 80% and allow our partners to offer a new level of service to every valued member.