Every Member is Different, and Their Coaching Should Be, Too.

With a full suite of preferred, deeply integrated devices that Lark drop-ships for seamless enrollment, plus 120 other connected devices for members who already have one. Lark is the only platform that offers you complete flexibility. 

  • Device centric and single-disease state chronic care management offerings are limiting, incredibly expensive, and keep healthcare costs high while providing relief only to the highest acuity patients.
  • That's why Lark offers a suite of preferred devices that are shipped to members at-scale, while also allowing members to bring their own device, or partners to decide on the device.
  • Flexibility and low costs are what are required to get care management to scale and to help the 86 million prediabetics and 20 million+ with chronic conditions.


Get Lark's Preferred Device Pricing

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Identify, Enroll, and Engage Easily

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Identify Population

Lark helps you identify your population with each chronic condition using eligibility files or claims data.


Verify Population

We enable real-time verification that the member is eligible for the benefit to ensure a seamless member experience.

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Enroll Population

We provide an out-of-the box enrollment strategy to engage members across digital & offline channels resulting in over 80% enrollment rates*.