Hello Health Plans & Population Health Companies!


Imagine how healthy society would be if you could actually offer a 24/7 Personal Health Team to every one of your members.


The Benefits of Providing Lark coaching to your Members


Achieve scalability - we've got the highest user engagement in the mhealth industry. 
Users and Lark coach have exchanged 300,000,000 text messages. That’s the case load of 20,403 full time nurses, and growing. 


See real health outcomes. 
“Users who text with a Lark coach just
3 minutes a day are 23% more active.”
Ask us about our other proven outcomes.



Provide the best personal care you can stand behind. 
Designed with Harvard and Stanford health faculty and behavior change experts, Lark’s Health A.I. only delivers proven clinical interventions.


Unlock the potential of your nursing network. 
Lark’s Predictive Health A.I. empowers your nurses on preventing critical clinical issues, while we handle the rest.   

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Each program includes: 

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