Lark's Health Committee

Science has proven the superior benefits of “holistic” behavioral coaching- not just treating the disease, but strengthening the mental and physical aspects as well. Meet the world-class group of health and behavior change experts from Harvard, Stanford, the NBA, and more, who are bringing the best personal 24/7 coaching to everyone's fingertips. 

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Dr. Baba Shiv

neuroeconomics-behavior change | stanford university professor


Dr. Mark Heyman

diabetes psychologist | founder and director of the center for diabetes and mental health

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Natalie Stein

exercise, fitness & nutrition expert | assistant professor of public health at michigan state university

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Dr. Jo Solet

cognitive behavior therapy & medicine | harvard medical school professor


Dr. Cheri Mah

nfl, nba, and olympic coach | sleep expert

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Judy Caplan

dietitian | founder of nutrition ammunition


Hyungsoo Kim

human body clock expert

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Keryn Breiterman-Loader

researcher, stanford psychology | fellow, center for compassion and altruism research and education

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Heather Milton

cardiopulmonary specialist | exercise physiologist and performance coach at nyu medical center

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Stephanie Hilliard

stanford persuasive lab



Chris Long

health plans executive | COO, staywell, BCBS


Paul Zhang

pharma executive | managing director, navigant


Itai Vonshak

Behavior change design | VP Intel, LG, HP


Dr. Geraldine Delorme

hypertension & diabetes primary care physician


Cora Tellez

Former CEO Health Net, Blue Shield