Cameron Jacox

Cameron is on the Forbes San Francisco Business Council, where he contributes and mentors local entrepreneurs, as well as a mentor at Station Houston. About Forbes San Francisco: Members are selected for the Council based on their depth and diversity of experience, then invited to share their insights via Our in-house editorial team will guide you through a professional editing process to ensure your content meets the criteria and is primed for audience engagement. Our team has been crafting events for entrepreneurs and business leaders for nearly a decade. Join fellow members at happy hours, dinners, and learning experiences designed to go beyond networking. You’re guaranteed to build valuable connections, form new opportunities, and have a great time. Cameron Jacox.

Cameron's Forbes profile is available here. As part of his engagement with Forbes, Cameron recently published a piece on hiring and recruitment strategy which can be found on Forbes. It covers the challenges and opportunities inherent in hiring highly capable team members.

The Wall Street Journal reported on InforcePro's first $4 million haul. That reporting and many other great milestones led to it’s ultimate acquisition.

InsightSquared reported on how InforcePro scaled and empowered it's team of sales reps through analytics.

Silicon Hills reported on InforcePro's $4m Series A.

Cameron Jacox