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Scalable Diabetes Management is Possible.


An infinitely scalable and clinically validated diabetes control platform with 24/7 unlimited one-on-one counseling, powered by A.I., to transform your population health strategy.


Providing lifelong change, one step at a time

Unlike any other program, we’re able to offer every member unlimited 1-on-1 support from their
Personal Lark Coach, thanks to cutting edge A.I. health monitoring technology. With 20,833 nurse equivalents through the power of A.I,  we deliver evidence-based care in an award-winning experience that evolves with data & interactions, making it infinitely more intelligent & effective.

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1-on-1 Personal Diabetes Management

Unlimited, 24/7, real-time help. A dedicated Lark Coach, driven by clinically-validated and highly scalable A.I, will respond within seconds when members need support most. Reducing admissions, improving medication adherence, and driving long-term self efficacy is in your hands. Literally.


24/7 Monitoring & Trend Analysis with A.I

We deliver the necessary tools to members’ homes, already linked to their Lark Coach so she can monitor progress. Is one member's diabetes more sensitive to diet while another's is to medication adherence? Lark's A.I learns and adjusts coaching according to members' specific proven behavior-change models. Lark connects to over 120 devices if members already have their own device.

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The First Clinically-Validated A.I

Our Lark Coaches are trained to counsel members with gold standard programs, unique to each disease. With the equivalent of 20,833 live professionals and infinitely scalable A.I, text-message based and clinically validated chronic disease management is healthcare 3.0. 


Predictive Triage

At clinically defined times, our Lark Coach is able to connect members with your clinical staff where appropriate, whilst sharing all relevant lead-up device and adherence data in real-time. Let your care management nurses receive important calls rather than spend their time trying to get members on the phone in the first place.


"Lark is a chronic care platform, not single-disease, and device-centric."

See Lark's 120 Connected Health Devices and Preferred Devices that Can be Shipped at Scale


"Lark's A.I. Coaches drive medication adherence."

Of Patients enrolled in Lark, 95% reported 100% adherence, which is a 20% improvement from when starting the program...On average, all users who give a baseline adherence score (between 1 and 5) saw an average improvement in adherence of 25% after using Lark for 16 weeks.