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Because everyone deserves
care and compassion.

Lark helps payers bend the cost curve down for the most crushing
chronic diseases in an infinitely scalable and clinically
proven way with cutting edge A.I. as a platform.


Google names Lark
“Best of 2016”

Apple names Lark
“Top 10 Apps”

“Lark, Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat named Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World”
- Business Insider

“Most Innovative Health
Product of the Year”
- Forrester

Lark's platform + device bundle tackles the most crushing chronic diseases of today at scale

Lifestyle Coaching

Lark provides a 24/7
Personal Health Coach
to each member to help them reach their goals

Prevention Program

Lark is the most scalable CDC Recognized National Diabetes Prevention Program Provider

Disease Management

   Lark provides     diabetes management and coaching anytime, anywhere

Disease Management

Lark provides hypertension management and coaching anytime, anywhere

Providing lifelong change, one step at a time

Unlike any other program, we’re able to offer every member unlimited 1-on-1 support from their
Personal Lark Coach, thanks to cutting edge A.I. health monitoring technology. We deliver evidence-based care in an award-winning experience that evolves with data & interactions, making it infinitely more intelligent & effective.

1-on-1 Personal Health Coaching

Unlimited, 24/7, real-time help. A dedicated Lark Coach will respond within 2 seconds when members need support most

24/7 Health Monitoring

We deliver the necessary tools to members’ homes, already linked to their Lark Coach so she can monitor progress 


16-week Clinically-Validated Curriculum

Our Lark Coaches are trained to counsel members with gold standard programs, unique to each disease. 

Predictive Triage

At clinically critical times, our Lark Coach will connect members with your clinical staff. 

Over 1 million members love and trust their Lark Coach



My Lark coach actually cares about how I’m feeling. I can check in anytime through the day on my phone. The fact that it’s like talking to someone is wonderful.


I check Lark multiple times a day and I love that the Lark coach keeps me accountable and motivates me to beat my daily average





I feel like I have a personal, friendly coach who accepts whatever I do while educating and encouraging me to do more. The coach helps me feel like my exercise and eating portions of my life are no longer out of control. I appreciate knowing the friendly, helpful coach is always available. I've lost weight and gotten more active.


Risk Free Guarantee

We’ve proven 81% savings compared to telephonic coaching costs.Pay only for those who engage
and succeed-transform how you manage population health with Lark.