Share the great benefits of Lark Thrive - including a free wireless scale and Fitbit - with your friends and co-workers who may be at risk of diabetes.

You'll get $50 per friend that successfully qualifies for our program!

How It Works

  • Share your personal invite link below
  • Friend MUST use that link to download app
  • Friend must complete eligibility survey
  • If qualified, that's one more referral and $50 for you!

Hint: Co-workers with the same insurance have a great chance of qualifying!

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Program Rules

To earn rewards for referrals, you need to be an active Lark Thrive user.  By being a Lark Thrive user, you are automatically qualified to participate in the referral program and earn rewards for your participation. Here are the basic rules:

  • Referrers will receive one reward point for each qualified/success referral/new account activation.

  • Referrers must have submitted their first name, last name and email address to Lark and have accepted Lark's standard Terms & Conditions

  • You cannot refer yourself

  • Lark will update program participants at regular intervals on their progress. Successful enrolls can also be tracked through the app referral page.

  • Disbrusement of reward money will be done via electronic Amazon gift card by calculating the succesful referrals at the end of each month.


What is a qualified/successful referral/new account activation:

  • The referral invitee must create a valid user account on Lark, submit their first and last names plus email address.

  • Referral invitee must complete the “onboarding questionnaire” for Lark's Diabetes Prevention Program.

  • Referral invitee must qualify for a Health Insurance Provider sponsored Diabetes Prevention Program.